Mark Teta is the regional vice president at Certified Credit Reporting, a nationwide credit reporting agency that delivers high-quality information services to major companies.


Mark Teta is passionate about researching and reviewing the data that the mortgage and real estate industry use to make the right decisions regarding potential mortgage loans and rental properties. Mark graduated from Florida State University in 1990 and worked as a stockbroker for three years before realizing he wanted to get involved in the credit reporting industry. With the support of his coworkers, Mark took on the role of Vice President and National Sales Manager at Atlantic Real Estate Credit, where he worked for the next seven years. By the time he took on the Regional Vice President position at CCR, he had not only fine-tuned his knowledge of credit reporting– he also wanted to share it with others.

Mark Teta bases his work on clear, informed communication with his clients. He calls on national mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions, creates new accounts for them, and services those accounts. Although CCR is not a credit repair company, Mark believes that education is a key aspect of improving credit. He holds educational seminars, particularly with referral sources, so that people can better manage and even improve their credit scores.

Mark Teta does not work with the general public but advises his clients so they can better guide their loan applicants on how credit will affect interest rates and insurance premiums. Mortgages make up about 80% of his business, and Mark is passionate about evaluating data from major credit repositories so that his clients can make faster, more accurate lending choices.

In addition to mortgages, Mark also works with real estate and property management companies that service the rental industry. “These days, if you’re buying or renting a home you’re getting your credit checked– and I aid those companies with that check,” Mark explains. He enjoys being able to help people obtain their first homes by educating not only his clients but the applicants looking for home loans. Certified Credit also provides employment background screening for many of his clients and business’s in other industries.

In the many facets of Mark’s work, there is one overarching goal: to guide companies through the complex and sometimes laborious process of checking credit and making important loan decisions. And because he’s focused on communication, he makes sure that his clients fully understand his reports and trust him as an industry expert. Most of his clients have been with him for over 15 years, and he continues to educate teach them on the credit industry.